Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lago Mar Country Club Private? Yes, Lago Mar Country Club is a Private Country Club and is a ‘member only’ Club with guest privileges in all categories.

Is The Golf Course Newly Renovated? Yes, Lago Mar recently underwent a $10 Million Complete Golf Course Renovation, New Practice Facilities, New Tennis Courts & Tennis Academy and a New Outdoor Food & Beverage Bar & Grill.

Is It Possible to Have a Preview Round and Be a Member For A Day? Yes, standard guest fees would apply. Please contact Ellen Singer to schedule your one time preview round and enjoy all the club benefits for one day!

Does the Club Offer Junior Programs? Yes, for both Golf & Tennis as well as our Monthly Social Kidz Club Activities. There are junior golf & tennis clinics as well as leagues and holiday and summer camps for kids. The Club is in a gated community and there is no access to the golf course from outside the community.

Is There a Men’s Golf Association? Yes, there are game days Tuesdays-Fridays as well as a weekly Men’s League on Thursday evenings and many Club tournaments and throw-ins on weekends.

Is There a Ladies’ Golf Association? Yes, for both our 18 Holers and 9 Holers. They play on Tuesdays and Thursdays and both groups are very active and welcome anyone to join them! We also have ladies’ Nine & Wines on Wednesday evenings for all levels to enjoy.

Do You Have Couple Events? Yes, we do Sunday Couple Throw-Ins as well as Nine & Dines on Friday Evenings.

Is Dinner Available at the Club? Yes, we have both a main dining room as well as a casual grill room. Dinners are served Wednesday and Friday evenings and happy hour is every Friday. Special themed events are usually scheduled on Saturday evenings.

Are There Tennis Leagues at Lago Mar? Yes. We field five teams at Lago Mar and clinics and lessons are available for all levels as well as cardio tennis classes.

Could You Schedule a Corporate Mini Outing and Happy Hour for My Business? Yes, we can accommodate a small group for a Corporate Outing for 9 or 18 Holes and Corporate Clinics are also available.